Saturday, June 13, 2009

Looking Back

Given this blog has been around for a year now (Happy Birthday blog!), I thought it was time to look back and see if I’d learnt anything.

Looking back over my previous posts I can see that:

  • I’m more interested in questions than answers. The posts I find most interesting are the ones that explore inner conflicts, live issues, and conflicting positions, rather than the posts that try to provide the definitive answer to a problem.
  • I suffer from perfectionism. Just getting stuff done in a systematic and consistent fashion is helping to balance that out.
  • Writing is getting easier for me. It no longer tends to put me in a bad mood. In fact, I’m more conscious of the ways it puts me in a good mood.
  • Some of my projects have been put to bed (either permanently or temporarily). I’m now solely working on The Gap, and hope to work on The Kingdoms once that is done. I have no further plans, because I can sense how much time and effort I am going to put into The Gap. At the same time, I believe I will finish The Gap and get it made.
  • I drink ginger beer now rather than Coke.


Helen Rickerby said...

Indeed, Happy Birthday Blog!

d f mamea said...

ah, happy birthday blog!

Sean_Molloy said...

The blog thanks you both for your well wishes.

Benedict Reid said...

Any ginger beer? Or is there a particular brand?

Sean_Molloy said...

Bundaberg. Though I am partial to others from time to time.