Saturday, July 26, 2008

Why I Write: So I'll be able to write my other ideas

I'm working on three scripts: The Gap, Run, and Utopia. I've been working on these ideas for over a year now (going on two years in one case), and still haven't got a proper first draft of any of them.

But I absolutely need to start finishing them! Because bubbling under and starting to sing to me are:
  • Two seasons of a TV series I've been tentatively calling The Kingdoms
  • An uncompleted Katherine Mansfield script
  • A teenage horror movie called The Devil You Know
  • An untitled horror project about the great advantage of being able to die.
  • An abandoned fictional future documentary called Only Human, which is now re-surfacing after seeing the wonderful Guy Maddin 'documentary' My Winnipeg.
Arggh! Too much!


Helen Rickerby said...

Wow, that's lots of ideas and I don't know that I've even heard about one of those. I shall have to ask you about it when you get out of the shower!

I think it's good to have lots of ideas, but it can be a problem when they all get in the way of each other.

ed said...

when I used to chat to Ken it turned out, whatever else he had on his plate, he had a backlog of five years of projects he had planned and wanted to write - but he did have an order and vague timetable for these things - me, I just have ideas - it is truely frightening to look back and wonder what happened to the projects I was working on last year (completed drafts and all) and then think about this year!

No wonder you aren't keen on the TV idea I was pushing!!! - good luck with everything!