Saturday, August 29, 2009

Why I Don't Write: The Dip

I got through a Dip today.

I was asking myself whether I should continue writing. Not whether I should quit writing The Gap and write something else, but whether I should quit writing altogether.

At the same time as I was going through the Dip, I knew that the Dip itself wasn't actually a bad thing. If I did decide to stop writing, then that would be the right decision for me. But if I didn't stop writing (which I have to admit in my heart of hearts seemed the far more likely scenario), then I would learn something important about myself.

I didn't quit. I did learn something important about myself.

My next post will be on what that was.


hix said...

Having navigated similar terrain recently, I am really looking forward to your next post.

Kia kaha!

d f mamea said...

you call it a dip, i call mine an abyss.

i'm such a drama queen.

Sean_Molloy said...

So I went through another dip very similar on Thursday night! And also learned some more stuff... So it ain't just a one-time thing...

Sean_Molloy said...

So I realise I didn't actually write that next post - what a cheat! My apologies.