Monday, June 1, 2009

How I Write: In the Flow (2)

Today I've had one of the best days of writing I've ever had. Writing today was easy - a state of 'flow'.

What I particularly liked about today's flow state was it felt like a natural space for me to be in. I woke up this morning and I knew that I wanted to write. And that's what I've done, calmly and methodically for the majority of the day. I'd take breaks and then I'd come back to the writing again - not because I had to, but because I wanted to. I didn't feel driven. I felt right.

I've avoided the idea of writing as a full-time occupation for a number of years now, partly because I felt that I wouldn't be able to get the most out of my days, as I regularly find writing so hard that I couldn't spend most of the day doing it.

If I was able to write like today on an ongoing basis - even an occasional ongoing basis - then that reason no longer stacks up.

Because my flow state today was easy. It was effective. It was lasting. And it feels like it will be back.

Here's hoping.


hix said...

This is fantastic, man!

Lyse Beck said...

That's so awesome. I can feel your joy and contentment through your words. :) This is why I also love to write in big chuncks of time, rather than small spirts. You can take your time to engrose yourself, let it all wash over you leisurely and then relax into it. I also feel that there's nothing as satisfying as endulging in a full day's worth of creative flow. Or a full weekend. Or as you say, full time. Man, that would be grand! There's no turning back now.
Way to go, Sean.

d f mamea said...

great to hear you had an excellent writing day, Sean.

i used to think i could do that.

but i'm weak: (re)watching Law & Order eps, Ronin/Blade/LA Confidential/etc for reference/inspiration/procrastination tended to get between me, housework, and the keyboard.

kirsten said...

That's great! I love it when I find that state. It's exactly days like those that really make me love writing and wanting to keep at it. I think I've just spent so much of my life writing just so I can have that chance encounter of being in The Zone.

Sean_Molloy said...

Thanks guys.

It was a good day and I appreciate all the well-wishes, particularly given you guys know what it's like!