Saturday, May 16, 2009

Why I Write: To Grow Myself

I’ve been realising recently that I really love growing myself, or helping others to grow.

What do I mean by ‘growing myself’? I think it’s about deepening my understanding so I change the way I relate to others, my environment, and even myself.

I love this process of progressively understanding something at a deeper level. For instance, I’m really enjoying working on The Gap, the script I’m writing. As my understanding of the script develops, the way I relate to it changes. I become more and more capable of writing it!

(Plus The Gap is all about people who are growing themselves. So in the process of writing The Gap, I am growing myself by writing about people growing themselves...)

This is also something I find hugely rewarding about my day job. I am encouraged to grow in my job and develop my thinking, and I’m also asked to coach other people to help develop themselves.

I will not be tomorrow who I am today – though mostly it’s hard to tell any difference! I have trouble remembering how I’ve changed. Writing this blog is one way for me to remember who I used to be...


kirsten said...

I like the whole shebang about writing, and showing it to people and getting their input. When you're discussing your works with somebody it's a remarkable way to connect which you don't always get in everyday life, I think. It gives people a peep into your deeper self, and their response lets you understand them too.

It might not be WHY I write, but it is definitely one of the reasons I enjoy writing: the opportunity not only to grow myself, but to have the chance to grow with others.

Sean_Molloy said...

Thanks Kirsten. I agree. When you share something personal, you're opening yourself up, and that can open up others too.

Yes, I have a lot of 'Why I Write' posts on this blog; in fact 'Why I Write' was what I originally named this blog. Collectively the posts make up a broad (and expanding) picture of the reasons why I write. I don't write for one given reason, I think, but some of my reasons do seem more important to me.

Anonymous said...

Nice post.

So, what have you learnt? When you look back what do you see (so far)?

Sean_Molloy said...

Nice question.

In terms of measuring how I've grown in this blog, I'm planning to do at least one review post on what I've learned from the blog since starting it.

In terms of measuring how I've grown in my life, I wouldn't even know where to start! The blog will have to do for now...